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Jobuntu[‘s Joseph] Horgan arrived on our work scene after we had experienced 2 years of “IT” chaos with another vendor. We had several proposals and quotes from others that ranged from buying all new computers to major overhauls of our infrastructure. Some of our networking and computer service problems had become so chronic that it had altered the work flow of the office to the extent that some of our program work had ground to a halt as we spent more time troubleshooting computers bugs than actually working. We had constant server down time, computers that would not print, or that locked up repeatedly throughout the day. We also lost the office Internet connection several times a day like clockwork. “Joe sized up what was going on here, thoroughly researched what our needs were and getting to understand our working environment. Then, after he started work, the problems that had plagued us for so long all disappeared. He was an absolute lifeline for an operation whose viability was threatened by a massive investment in hardware that we could not get to work. As a tiny non-profit, we found Joe’s costs did not break our bank account. We want others to know how invaluable in Jobuntu has been for us, but we do so knowing that once he gets lots more customers we hope he will still have time for us when we need him. This is a great service with complete accountability from the guy in charge who stands behind his work! I can honestly say he saved us from going out of business from all of our IT problems. You can’t go wrong.–
Patuxent Riverkeeper Fred Tutman

Joseph cleaned up my hard drive to make it faster and provided excellent advice regarding Windows 7 and the Linux Ubuntu operating systems. He is honest and knowledgeable; I would definitely hire him again.–
Dan Kulpinski

Our home PC was running slowly. Joseph was able to quickly diagnose the problem, recommend a fix and complete the recommended upgrade quickly and professionally. And, he made cheap football jerseys our PC more secure in the process! —
David DeGrazia,
Philosophy Dept. Chair & Professor

As a consultant, my home-office PC has to be working, or I’m not earning money. Joseph has provided me with IT support that ensures that my PC is running with the software I need at a cost I can afford. His IT support is worth its weight in gold! —
Diane Cameron
Environmental Consultant